Desert Cry

Desert Cry

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The title of the album, "Desert Cry", is derived from a pattern found again and again throughout the scriptures. It is the ‘cry of the prophets’, spanning from Moses, Elijah and Elisha, all the way down the line to John the Baptist and Yeshua (Jesus) Himself. These men, called of God, drew away into the desert or wilderness and there, God gave them each the same message for their own generation: "Repent and return to the Lord".

That`s what this album is all about. It is that very same message being declared to this generation; a call to “Return to the Lord.” Each song was written from that place where faith in Yeshua becomes the ultimate reality of this life. "Desert Cry" is a challenge to all who have ‘ears to hear’, to stop loving worthlessness, eating the bread of complacency, and drinking the cup of apathy. It is a call to arise as a spiritual man and answer the call of God on one`s life. It is the challenge to walk in a manner worthy of God’s calling without compromise!

“Desert Cry” is also a cry of remembrance. If you`ll notice the number within the title you`ll probably wonder what it`s meaning is. It is the given number of Holocaust survivor, Rose Price. During the Holocaust every Jew received an i.d. number. Rose gave her number to me, to carry it on in remembrance of the Holocaust—to declare to my generation, “Never forget,” and to echo the cry of her generation, "Never again."


Track Listing

  1. Hear O Israel
  2. Desert Cry
  3. Do You Want the Fire?
  4. Springtime
  5. Emily
  6. Down Down
  7. Little Lydia
  8. Tickle My Ears Gospel
  9. Scarlet
  10. Rain Down
  11. Save Me
  12. For the First Time
  13. Psalm 91
  14. Vessels of Mercy