Teach Your Feet 7

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Come join in the dance!

Since ancient times, dance has been an expression of praise and adoration to the Lord. Someone who felt passionately about worshipping Adonai found their entire body moving to the Spirit within them and the dance was born. We connect with the saints of old just by joining in the eternal dance and giving glory to the Lord through movement. Approx. 95 minutes

These lessons will help even someone with 2 left feet become gracefully elegant with just a little practice.

This Full-Length instructional DVD contains eleven choreographed dances to the music of Ted Pierce. Appropriate for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.


  • Hallelu Et Adonai
  • Awake!
  • Walk In The Light
  • Good News
  • Kulanu K`Echad (All of us as one)
  • Mimizrach (From the East)
  • Aaronic Benediction
  • Glorious
  • Yisrael
  • Psalm 23
  • The Time To Favor Zion