This Was Not My Teaching

This Was Not My Teaching

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After the dreadful massacres in the Ukraine during World War I, the Jewish artist, William Wachtel, felt impelled to express on canvas the torment of the persecuted Jews and Yeshua`s identity with his own people. This work was first entitled, Christ on Pogrom Street. Mr. Wachtel was so moved by it that he later changed the title to This Was Not My Teaching.

The artist won renown for his landscapes, as well as for his portraits and Holy Land motifs. This painting was the focal point of many exhibitions he gave in Poland, Switzerland, Paris, Vienna, Jerusalem, and New York.

This work first came to the attention of our founders, Henry and Marie Einspruch, when they purchased a set of prints in which a charcoal of it was included. They were impressed with the Jewish artist`s conception of Messiah. When they learned that the charcoal was a copy of an oil painting, they made arrangements to see the original. Interested benefactors made the purchase possible. The original oil painting is on display at our office.

There are not many paintings of Jesus by Jewish artists. This one, showing Yeshua in the midst of his people, emphasizes the concern of the Messiah for his own.

These moving prints are suitable for framing.

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