Kingdom Relationships: God's Laws for the Community of Faith by Dr. Ron Moseley

Kingdom Relationships: God's Laws for the Community of Faith by Dr. Ron Moseley

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Dr. Ron Moseley`s Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church has taught thousands of people about the Jewishness of not only Yeshua, but of the first followers of the Messiah.

In this work, Moseley focuses on the teaching of Torah -- the Five Books of Moses -- tapping into truths that greatly help modern-day members of the community of faith.

The first section explains the relationship of both the Jewish people and Christians to the Kingdom of God. The second section lists the laws that are applicable to a non-Jew living in the twenty-first century and outside of the land of Israel.

This book is needed because these little known laws of God`s Kingdom were, according to Yeshua, the most salient features of the first-century community of believers. Yeshua even warned that anyone breaking these laws would be least in the Kingdom (Matt. 5:19). Additionally, these laws will be the basis for judgment at the end of every believer`s life.

Paul`s reminder to Timothy that "all Scripture is valuable for teaching the truth, convicting of sin, correcting faults, and training in right living" comes alive in this book!

Dr. Moseley has studied the Jewish roots of the Christian faith at Princeton, the University of  Texas, and Oxford University in Oxford, England. He has a Master of Divinity, a Master of Jewish Studies, a Ph.D. in Second Temple History, a D.Phil. in religion and sociology, and a D.Litt.  Dr. Moselely is the founder of the American Institute, a unique and inspiring Hebraically oriented college.

Paperback.  5.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches.  64 pages.