Teach Your Feet 5

Teach Your Feet 5

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The term `One New Man` is not new. The concept of different people from different backgrounds coming together with a single purpose, single thought, and single idea is as old as BenAdam (Mankind). However, when we begin and try to implement the spiritual application we run into a stumbling stone, because we all see things and interpret things and feel things in a very unique and personal way. The beauty of the biblical One New Man is that personal interpretation is voiceless; Ephesians 2; Romans 9, 10, 11. When we become spiritually one with our brothers the heavens rejoice. A song sets the spirit free to praise, how much more so when the song becomes visual through dance. It is my heart that you will see these songs with your ears and hear them with your eyes.

The Full-Length instructional DVD contains seven choreographed dances which includes beginning, intermediate, and advanced dances so that every level is met. The musical CD by Jonathan Settel includes Hebrew, Spanish and English praise and worship songs. Approx. 60 minutes.

The titles included are:

  • Hineh Ma Tov
  • Tabernaculo
  • Great is The Lord
  • T`Fila
  • Jerusalén Tierra Sagrada
  • Sing and Dance
  • Od Yishama/Sisu et Yerushalayim