Under the Fig Tree: Messianic Thought Through the Hebrew Calendar by Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso

Under the Fig Tree: Messianic Thought Through the Hebrew Calendar by Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso

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Take a daily journey into the Word of God through the Hebrew Calendar and the Biblical Feasts. Learn deeper meaning of the Scriptures through Hebraic thought.

What People Are Saying:

Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso, a Messianic Jew, offers this devotional with his unique way of teaching from a Jewish perspective. He answers questions about the Jewish roots of our faith and gives fresh insight into the Word of God. This book belongs on everyone's coffee table to reconnect you to a richer heritage of your faith and to draw even closer to Him daily.—Peggie Rose Magnuson www.ShopIsraelToday.com

This is beautifully written! I love the visuals you give." -Chantal (OR - USA) "Patrick, thank you for this solid, important reminder! I am blessed by this word, being reminded that not everyone has to agree with me in order for me to feel validated - for I am to seek the approval of the Father, not of man. Most of us struggle with this; you've delivered a word fitly spoken! —Kelly (CO - USA)

Thank you for your diligence in writing these for each day. They have been a source of inspiration and sometimes (necessary) chastisement for our family.—Steve, (WA – USA)

Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso was born in Paris, France. He was a member of Zionist Youth Groups from an early age leading up to his Bar-Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall. He made "Alliya" as a teen and did his studies in Israel. Patrick found Mashiach in 1975 when someone shared Isaiah 53 with him. Patrick and his wife have six children and reside in the U.S. Patrick holds a Torah study group and teaches Hebrew roots of Christian faith. He and his wife also have their own Israeli/Messianic music band called "Yedidim".  

Paperback  8.6 x 6.1 x 1 inches   383 Pages