Celebrations of the Bible - A Messianic Children's Curriculum

Celebrations of the Bible - A Messianic Children's Curriculum

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Did you know that each Old Testament feast or festival finds its fulfillment in the New? They enrich the lives of people who experience and enjoy them.

We are pleased to offer our popular curriculum for children in a user-friendly format. The lay-flat binding allows you to easily reproduce handouts and worksheets.

Celebrations of the Bible has been used by congregations, Sunday schools, ministries, homeschoolers, and individuals to help teach children about the biblical festivals.

Treat your children to a Bible experience they will never forget, as they learn about the eight holidays Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated:

  1. Rosh HaShanah: The Feast of Trumpets, teaches about Messiah`s return
  2. Yom Kippur: The Day of Atonement, teaches about reconciliation between God and humanity
  3. Sukkot: The Feast of Tabernacles, teaches about God`s dwelling with people
  4. Hanukkah: The Feast of Dedication, teaches about commitment to God
  5. Purim: The Feast of Esther, teaches about trusting God when we can`t see him
  6. Passover: The Feast of Unleavened Bread, teaches about God`s deliverance
  7. Yom HaBikkurim: The Feast of Firstfruits, teaches about the resurrection of the dead
  8. Shavuot: The Feast of Weeks/Pentecost, teaches about the "birthday of the Body"
What`s included:
  • A professionally written and designed curriculum
  • Easy-to follow lesson plans with background information for instructors
  • Complete materials lists for classroom preparation
  • Clearly labeled overviews, approaches, applications, and activities
  • Memory verses to focus the lessons
  • Crafts, Bible study worksheets, games, and other activities
  • Over seventy reproducible handouts
  • Pronunciation guides for Hebrew terms, where used

Each of these holidays are presented for Preschool (2-K), Primary (Grades 1-­3), Junior (Grades 4-6), and Children`s Worship/Special Services. These comprehensive materials supplement and complement your yearly curriculum.

Paperback 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches. 1 pages.  199 pages