Petrified Hearts: The Shaking

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A novel series about healing and learning to trust God when life unravels. Sassy and independent, confident and secure; growing up in the family business with her four brothers has taught Rae to be fearless, tough-minded, and not so easily intimidated-assets in their male-dominated profession. When her mother, both nurturer and friend-and the only oasis in this sea of testosterone, is suddenly killed, Rae's life is up-ended, leaving her wounded, confused and resentful toward God. But when a prank leaves her stranded far from home and the shelter of her dad and brothers, she learns she cannot run from Him for very long. Centered around church and family, Heath's life was ideal-or so he thought. Suddenly the rug was pulled out from under him when his wife wanted out. Left alone to care for his eight-month-old son, his heart and his life in pieces; moving back in with his mom and the group of elderly boarders who share her house, seemed the practical thing to do. But is he really just hiding-out?'

Paperback. 6 x 1.2 x 9 inches. 526 pages.