You Bring the Bagels, I`ll Bring the Gospel

You Bring the Bagels, I`ll Bring the Gospel

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This "how-to-witness-to-Jewish-people" book is an orderly presentation of everything you`ll need to share the Messiah with a Jewish friend or co-worker in a loving, non-confrontational manner. Offers insights into understanding Jewish religion and culture. Includes Messianic prophecies, Jewish objections to believing in Jesus, sensitivities in your witness and more. You`ll be educated and encouraged. Divided into four sections:

You--the Gentile Christian
Your Message--the Jewish Gospel
Your Audience--The Jewish People and
Feedback--Barriers to Belief

Video Author interview:

"It is a pleasure to commend the most enjoyable and readable book I have seen recently on sharing the Gospel with our Jewish neighbors."
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Ph.D., President, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Barry Rubin, a Jewish believer, has come to our rescue with this winsome, utterly lucid book."
Dr. Arthur F. Glasser, Dean Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Barry Rubin . . . has done a superb job of sharing with believers the ways in which they can share their faith with Jewish people."
Harold A. Sevener, former President, Chosen People Ministries

Paperback.   5.8 x 0.8 x 8.5 inches  253 pages.