His Names are Wonderful -  also available as an eBook

His Names are Wonderful - also available as an eBook

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What`s in a name?

In the Western world, names are often chosen because they`re cute or because parents hope their children might aspire to be like a namesake, perhaps even a Bible figure. Yet, names in the Bible were often chosen to communicate something about a person . . . especially God`s names.

In Exodus 3:13-­22, Moses asks God what his "name" is. Was he merely asking what he should call God? No--he was asking, "Who are you? Describe yourself." And God did just that, offering Moses a wonderful description, not just of his name, but of his nature.

In Hebrew thought, a name did more than identify a person; it revealed their identity. God`s identity is expressed not in one name, but in many.

This book uncovers the treasures in God`s names, grouping 140 names into eight sections

Almighty - Father - Redeemer - Shepherd
Spirit - Truth - Defender - Faithful

Each artfully designed page includes:
  • the English name
  • the Hebrew name
  • an English transliteration
  • inspiring devotional thoughts
  • relevant Scripture passages from the Complete Jewish Bible

Includes an introduction by Daniel Juster, Th.D., executive director of Tikkun International.

Paperback 7.6 x 0.4 x 5.6 inches.   150 pages