The Courage Challenge: Biblical Encouragements for Young Champions by Daniel L. Switzer, Ed.D.

The Courage Challenge: Biblical Encouragements for Young Champions by Daniel L. Switzer, Ed.D.

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This book examines the great champions of the Bible—ordinary men and women who yielded themselves to God’s purpose for their lives. Exactly what is a champion? A champion is one who has a worthy cause, a compelling mission that is bigger than oneself. A champion is different from a hero—a hero is someone who does a spontaneous heroic act, such as saving a baby from a burning building. Doing something heroic takes great courage. However, a champion is different; a champion gives his life for an enduring cause—one that becomes his life mission and often involves leading others.

“An inspiring study of champions in the Scriptures and what we can learn from their courageous decisions and life missions to stand for God and his Word. A great book for parents and children to read together and talk about over the dinner table!”—David Rudolph, PhD, Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies The King’s University

“Switzer correctly identifies ‘faith’ as moral courage, particularly focusing on the need for parents, children and young adults alike to have the courage to stand up for family values, as well as faith in Yeshua (Jesus), in the midst of a ‘post-modern society’ which attacks both. This book is extraordinary in its breadth of biblical principles and also in its depth of real-life experience. I recommend it heartily.”—Asher Intrater, one of the spiritual fathers in the modern Messianic Jewish community, serves on the leadership teams at Tikkun International, Revive Israel ministries, Ahavat Yeshua congregation in Jerusalem, and Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv.

“The concepts and challenges contained in this book are not untested theories; rather, as the saying goes, ‘The proof is in the pudding.’ In The Courage Challenge, Dr. Switzer takes you on a journey through the pages of Scripture, examining God’s champions and one key character quality they all had in common—COURAGE. He shows us how courage is not an option—it is God’s command for those who want to be champions (Josh. 1:9). This book is a must-read; young and old alike will be greatly en-COURAGED!”—Wayne Pratt has served in Christian ministry for 45 years as a missionary, pastor, and Christian school educator.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amid much personal suffering during his college years, Dan surrendered his life to Christ and embraced the call to teach young people and to help them to grow in their walk with the Lord. He has taught children for thirty-three years, has a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in educational leadership, and has written the book Train Up a Child, also published by Messianic Jewish Publishers.

In 1993, Dan and Silvia, Dan’s wife, started Camp Courage with a mission to encourage young champions for God.

Dan was ordained to the pastoral ministry in 2006 and serves as lead pastor at Northgate. Working with a committed team of pastors and elders, he is strongly motivated to serve people and help them find God’s purpose as champions for the Lord.

264 pages. Paperback. 6x9